Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Last GDC Presentation at GDC 2012

今年GDC應該是我最後一次的GDC演講了, 至少是最後一次以AMD的身分演講了, 講的是去年下半年幫UE3所做的一些最佳化, 有興趣的人可以來聽聽.

Following the release of DirectX 11 features for Unreal Engine 3 (UE3) last year, AMD has done a number of code submissions to further enhance graphics features in UE3. This presentation will cover each code submission in detail: tessellation, multi-monitor support, vertex shader-based Bokeh Depth of Field (DOF) and post-processing Anti-Aliasing.

Tessellation: Describes the new Phong tessellation mode that was added into UE3 as well as optimization options that were imported into the material editor. How to implement tessellation optimizations in the material editor without touching the shader code will also be covered.

Multi-monitor Support: The ever-improving affordability of LCD monitors combined with the level of performance found in recent GPUS are enabling more and more gamers to take full advantage of the PC Gaming experience by upgrading their system to a multi-monitor gaming setup like AMD Eyefinity. This presentation will describe how UE3 licensees can easily add multi-monitor support in their titles with minimal code changes. Considerations regarding Frustum updates and the scaling of on-screen elements such as HUD and menus will also be covered.

Vertex Shader Based Bokeh DOF: Last year, UE3 released a stunning DirectX 11 feature: Bokeh DOF. This feature makes use of the geometry shader to render a massive number of point sprites. Unfortunately the use of the Geometry Shader is subject to hardware limitations and can suffer from performance considerations that can impact the efficiency of this technique. This topic covers how the same effect was implemented using vertex shader and was made to work on both DX9 and DX11.

Post-processing AA: This topic will cover the new UE3 post-processing Fullscreen Anti-Aliasing features: FXAA and MLAA. We will focus on how to setup MLAA and what the differences are between MLAA and FXAA.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Windows Phone 8 will Support Native Code

傳聞WP8將會支援Native Code的App了, 看來很快又有新玩具可以玩囉 :) . 說不定LynxEngine的WP8移植還會比Android移植更早完成.