Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Boost power-up

How can I forget the screenshot of my favorite boost power-up?  :)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Space Qube Updates

Here comes more in-developing screenshots and video of the game! 

The main menu video.

The game is composed of two parts, game and workshop. 

The game part
The game part is simple, the player controls the space ship, flying toilet(?) or anything the player created to shoot as many aliens as he can to get highest score. Of course there are some power-ups the player can use to increase the weapon power, speed, etc. There are also couple of bosses are waiting for the player, beat them to get higher score and some rewards. 

The workshop part
The workshop part contains a voxel model editor and browser. You can use browser to browse the voxel models uploaded by other players. You can also download and rate the uploaded voxel models then modify them or use them to play game. For creation part, you can create 16x16 or 32x32 size model in iPad but only 16x16 size model on iPhone/iPod since the screen size. The way you create voxel model is actually editing layers, and those layers will be composed. There are couple of tools you can use in model editor, I will upload a video later to show you how to use it to create a voxel model. After creating the voxel model, you can share them via the Internet, email or facebook. There will be an official website which list all uploaded voxel models and anyone with browser can view the uploaded voxel model from PC or iPad/iPhone. 

This game will be free on iTunes store soon. Then we will port it to Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and maybe Android. We are in crunch mode right now but I will try to post more video about the editor and gameplay soon. As usual, any suggestions, comments and questions are welcome. We still have time to adopt your opinions before submitting the build :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Here Comes Our Hero

It's time for our hero showing up. He is the main character in Space Qube and will guide you through the game. If you need to buy any good item in Space Qube, he is the one you should look for :)
該是我們的英雄現身的時候了。他是Space Qube裡的主要角色,他會在遊戲中不時的出現並且帶領你完成遊戲。當你在遊戲中需要購買任何好用的道具時,找他就對了 :)

Recently, I and my son are getting a lot of fun from iron plastic beads. So I made a physical hero from the voxel data and he looks as cool as the virtual one.

I actually made a physical Space Qube  logo as well, so let's take a picture together for the ending :) 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Space Qube - My Upcoming Game

As I said in my last post, I will reveal more information about my upcoming game on this blog. And today is the day, I am going to debut my upcoming game on this blog. I like this game very much and hopefully you will also like it :)
前一篇post說到我將會公佈我即將完成遊戲的訊息,很快的那一天就到了,今天是我第一天在網路上公開這個遊戲的訊息。我自己很喜灣這個遊戲,也希望大家會喜歡 :)

Below is the voxel model of the game logo, you can use mouse to rotate it. If you take a closer look at it, you will find it actually contains AO shading.

Do you find any clue from my last posted photo? Yes, Space Qube is a retro style shooting game which is based on voxel rendering. In this game, every character, power-up and even UI are all made by voxels. The best part is that the game includes an in-game model editor which allows the player to create their own model then share them via the Internet, Facebook and email. Using voxel to create model is like playing Lego brick, so the player can actually use voxels with different color to create anything they can image. The handmade Angry Bird toy on my previous post is actually created from the in-game editor :)
不知道大家有從之前照片中猜到了嗎?Space Qube是一款以voxel為基礎的復古射擊遊戲,遊戲中所有角色,道具甚至UI都是由voxel構成的喔。而遊戲中更內建了一個角色編輯器,可以讓玩家使用voxel來自由創作自己的角色,還可以透過網際網路,臉書或是電子郵件來分享自己創作的角色。使用voxel來建立模型就好像在玩積木一樣,所以玩家可以使用不同顏色的voxel來堆出任何想像得到的東西,之前照片中的Angry Bird玩具就是用遊戲中的編輯器做出來的喔 :)

This game is actually from a small game I made for my son. Because I was living in Canada alone for a long time and my son and wife were living in Taiwan. I usually talked with my son via Skype every morning before he went to the school. My son loves playing Lego brick but we can't play the bricks together since the geographic reason. The idea of using voxel rendering came up at that time so I wrote a small voxel editor on iPod. Therefore I and my son can play the bricks together via Skype. And I can also send him the model I made for him via the Internet.

Louis is the artist of this game. We were talking about making a game together several times before but can never coordinate a time for it. This time, since I and Louis have quit our full-time job to focus on indie game developing, we finally have the chance to work together on our first game! And my artist friend Bic also gave me a lot of help at the beginning so I can finished the prototype.
這個遊戲的美術是由Louis來負責的,我們之前好幾次的想要合作都因為時間上無法配合而沒辦法付諸行動,這一次Louis和我都辭掉工作專心來做indie game後,終於可以合作出第一款遊戲了!而之前美術朋友 Bic也幫了我不少忙才能順利把 prototype產出。

So that's it for today,  I will introduce you more features of this game in the future on this blog and thanks for your watching so far :D
今天就暫時先介紹到此,之後會在這再慢慢介紹更多遊戲的訊息跟技術給大家,感謝觀看 :D

Oh, there is one more thing. I created a new Twitter account for this game so you can follow it if you want to know the latest news about my game.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Handmade angry birds toy & some hints about my upcoming game

Handmade angry birds toy for my son but there are some hidden hints about my upcoming game on it :)
幫兒子做的手工憤怒鳥玩具,不過這裡面隱含了我即將完成的遊戲的一些線索喔 :)

I will reveal more information about my upcoming game in a couple days and also hold an open beta registration on this blog in the near future, so keep tuned.
過幾天我就會開始陸續公佈一些遊戲的訊息了,之後應該還會在這裡開放Open Beta版本的註冊,Keep tuned.