Friday, June 26, 2009


一直很討厭去理髮, 所以去加拿大後我幾乎都是半年回台灣一次時才去理頭髮. 前一陣子想買支電動髮剪自己來剃平頭一勞永逸, 但是總是一直提不起勁去買, 直到最近因為天氣實在太熱了, 終於受不了去買了一支電動髮剪. 本來想剃個三分頭的但是有點失手了所以乾脆直接剃成光頭了 :) . 想不到剃平頭也不是這麼容易的事啊.


Anonymous said...


I have no idea of the language but looking at the pic you provided it means you're working on your LynxEngine.

Can't wait for new updates!

fallingCAT said...

Good observation! Yes, I am still working on it :)

This post said I cut all my hair because I hate to go to barber shop.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply.

My advice is to let your hair grow long :P works for me, no barber.