Friday, February 22, 2013

Space Qube Beta is Open Now!

Yes, this moment is finally coming! We just finished the beta of Space Qube and it's open for beta tester registration now. Please go to this link to register your iOS device then you can start to rock with Space Qube! What are you still waiting for? Just go to register :)

We really want to collect more feedback from the real players by releasing the beta version. So if you register as the beta tester, please don’t hesitate to provide your opinions to us. We appreciate all the inputs from the beta testers and we will tune the game according to your feedback.

This is the screen you will see after beating the boss, you can simply press the Feedback button to send us your opinions ^_^

So see you guys in Space Qube beta.

1 comment:

白夜騎士 said...

你好,很高興能參加你們貴團隊的遊戲測試,但現在我收到 0.84版的測試通知,
可是 iOS 6.1 上不能安裝,TestFlight 上說不符合這版本。謝謝