Monday, June 24, 2013

The Qube System and Weapon Upgrades

Hello everybody, today I am going o share you some improvements of the gameplay since we made a lot of changes after the open beta. We collected some numbers fromm the players so we adjusted and changed many many thing according to the feedback from the players.

1. Qube system. We created a new Qube system and you can think it's a in-game currency. So the players can use Qubes to create their own space ship, they can also use Qubes to upgrade their weapons or buy other itms. The most interesting part is that now the players can create space ships with different attributes. Before open beta, the player created space ships only have appearance difference but now all player created space ships are not only different in appearance but also in attributes. So the less Qubes the players use to create the space ship, the faster but weaker the space ship will be and vise versa. So every player can create a unique space ship which is the best fit to the player.

2. The game is totally free now. Since we decided to use Qube system in game, we also decided to change the game to a total free to play game. So you can play all levels for free! You can earn Qubes by playing game then use the Qubes to create more space ships or upgrade your space ships. Of course if you don't have time to earn Qubes in the game, you can buy some Qubes in our store

3. Weapon upgrade system. The most exciting changes we made is the whole new weapon upgrade system. In Space Qube, there are three different weapon power-ups you are able to use: bullet+, laser and missile. Now all of those weapons can be upgraded. For example, the first level missile can fire only 2 missiles at one time but the level 4 missile can allow you to fire 8 missiles at one time! It's very interesting to see your space ship to fire so many missiles and destroy the enemies like crazy

Here is a video which basically shows off all the changes we made so check it out. We are welcome to any feedback, even we can't add it to the first build but we can always add it to the updates.

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