Thursday, August 14, 2008

HD 4870 X2 & HD4850 X2 Released

HD4870 X2以及HD4850 X2都在前天發表了, HD4870 X2是目前AMD最頂級的繪圖卡, 提供高達2.4TFLOPS的運算能力, 目前報價$549美金. 而HD4850 X2也有2.0TFLOPS的運算能力, 目前報價$399. 這兩張卡都是運用Crossfire的技術來增加執行效能, 由於driver在Crossfire上已經發展了很長的時間, 技術也日趨成熟, 所以幾乎一般的遊戲都可以得到不錯的scaling, 像在Devil May Cry4幾乎可以得到200%的scaling.

很多專業的網站都已經完成了HD4870 X7的評測, 尤其是跟NVIDIA的GTX280的比較, 幾乎是一面倒的大獲全勝, 相信短期之內NVIDIA應該還沒有可以與之抗衡的產品. 以下摘錄一些硬體網站的評價.

Hexus (UK)
“Such is the performance lead at the WQXGA setting, that it's over 60 per cent faster than the previous champ, GeForce GTX 280, in both Race Driver: GRID and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. A 50 per cent lead in Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts and 30 per cent advantage in Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is nothing to sniff at either.

Can, whoop-ass, ouch all come to mind.”

Tom’s Hardware (Global but reviewer based in France)
And thus, Nvidia has finally been beaten and won’t be able to respond in the coming weeks. Considering the size and price of its own GT200 graphics processor, Nvidia is somewhat prohibited from any sort of retaliation based on the same bi-GPU solution.

In short, the Radeon HD 4870 X2 is the newest and fastest 3D card of the moment—25% better on average than the GeForce GTX 280 and up to 51% at the highest resolutions. And if you’re hoping for something in the near future with lower energy consumption, less noise, or a lower price, we’d recommend you not hold your breath.

Guru3D (Netherlands)
The R700, is an extremely powerful graphics solution that will offer much better overall performance than anything currently available on the market. The Radeon HD 4870 X2 undeniably is the fastest performing product on the market right now. You'll just love the 4870 X2.

從我進入ATI以來, 這顆晶片應該是ATI最成功的一顆晶片, 不但時程效能都趕上了對手, 價格也十分漂亮. 以我之前做的DX10 Skinning Animation範例程式來做試驗, 5120個31跟骨頭的角色, 加上三張Shadow Map的rendering(也就是5120x4 = 204800個角色的rendering), 在HD4870 X2上可以跑到fps 170左右, 運算能力相當驚人. 當然最希望的就是這次的HD4800系列能多賺點錢, 今年分紅就有望啦 :).

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