Sunday, October 28, 2012

Space Qube Updates

Here comes more in-developing screenshots and video of the game! 

The main menu video.

The game is composed of two parts, game and workshop. 

The game part
The game part is simple, the player controls the space ship, flying toilet(?) or anything the player created to shoot as many aliens as he can to get highest score. Of course there are some power-ups the player can use to increase the weapon power, speed, etc. There are also couple of bosses are waiting for the player, beat them to get higher score and some rewards. 

The workshop part
The workshop part contains a voxel model editor and browser. You can use browser to browse the voxel models uploaded by other players. You can also download and rate the uploaded voxel models then modify them or use them to play game. For creation part, you can create 16x16 or 32x32 size model in iPad but only 16x16 size model on iPhone/iPod since the screen size. The way you create voxel model is actually editing layers, and those layers will be composed. There are couple of tools you can use in model editor, I will upload a video later to show you how to use it to create a voxel model. After creating the voxel model, you can share them via the Internet, email or facebook. There will be an official website which list all uploaded voxel models and anyone with browser can view the uploaded voxel model from PC or iPad/iPhone. 

This game will be free on iTunes store soon. Then we will port it to Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and maybe Android. We are in crunch mode right now but I will try to post more video about the editor and gameplay soon. As usual, any suggestions, comments and questions are welcome. We still have time to adopt your opinions before submitting the build :)


Wraecca said...
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Wraecca said...

Looks great! Does it launch?

fallingCAT said...

Thanks! It's not released yet but should be released soon. Keep tracking this blog, I will post more information before the launch.

Keep tuned.