Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Here Comes Our Hero

It's time for our hero showing up. He is the main character in Space Qube and will guide you through the game. If you need to buy any good item in Space Qube, he is the one you should look for :)
該是我們的英雄現身的時候了。他是Space Qube裡的主要角色,他會在遊戲中不時的出現並且帶領你完成遊戲。當你在遊戲中需要購買任何好用的道具時,找他就對了 :)

Recently, I and my son are getting a lot of fun from iron plastic beads. So I made a physical hero from the voxel data and he looks as cool as the virtual one.

I actually made a physical Space Qube  logo as well, so let's take a picture together for the ending :) 

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